As someone who’s been broke, homeless, and destitute several times – I absolutely abhor Average People who make little to no effort, then complain the deck is stacked against them.

I lived out of a car, sold personal training services, saved my money, bought a retail space, started a gym, scaled it up, invested my capital, stepped back, and cashed out a millionaire two months before I turned 30.

I lost two cars, two apartments, and several girlfriends and friends in the process of transforming myself.

I dropped out of college twice, have never held a job for more than three months, and didn’t own a credit card until age 29.

I’ve never had a mentor, older male, or anyone guiding or helping me at all.

All of the information I needed I found on the internet, not at college.

Funny how that works?

This blog is dedicated to talking about more of that, for those who are just as stuck, sick of bullshit, and ready for serious change.