Most People Suck with Managing Their Time (and Coincidentally, Their Money)

“If only I had more hours in the day! There’s just not enough time to do anything else but work and pay bills!”

…says the 9-5er, who happily invests all his free time in pointless, life-wasting shit such as professional sports watching, Game of Thrones, and SnapChat.

The Red Pill Reality: most people are absolutely terrible with time management. They spend more time making time to get ready just to be on time – than they do allocating time to activities that would actually counter-act the dead-end algorithm they’ve got going.

Example: it’s now popular to be “frugal” for some reason.

Save $3 a day by skipping that latte, and you’ll be a millionaire!

Sounds good, right?

Everyone can forgo a daily pleasure for future financial security!

Well…no. Not even close.

If you saved $3 a day for 365 days, you’d have $1,095 before taxes. Put that in a bank account and the interest will be minimal for quite some time.

The Red Pill Reality: The trap with the savings example above, is it perpetuates the scarcity mentality. Even worse, it blinds you to opportunity costs. You don’t need to be saving an extra $3 a day…you need to be making an extra $50-$100 a day. THAT will make a difference in your financial future.

Eventually, this is when smart people realize there’s a better way to do things.

This is why smart people start businesses.


An Example of People Sucking at Time Management

Bob has to be at work for 9:00 am.

Bob wakes up at 7:00 am. He checks the news, Facebook, etc.

Bob makes breakfast at 7:30. He eats, then showers by 7:45. Bob leaves the house at 8:15 to beat traffic to the office.

Now, here’s where the self-sabotage comes in:

Bob has to prepare 45 minutes to make it to work on time. Most people do not understand what this actually means. Bob has to spend 45 minutes driving (sunk cost, even if you listen to audio tapes the entire way).

This means Bob has to spend more time – making time – to waste that 45 minutes in the car so he can get to work on time.

In order to leave 45 minutes early, he has to have a shower by X time, and food by Y time. In order to have those two things, he has to wake up at 7:30. Bob’s entire morning isn’t only based on his job, but how early he has to leave to get their on time.

Bob has to make time making time to make time to get to work on time.

I want you to re-read that statement over and over until it clicks.

When it does, you’ll see how most people who are wage slaves are directed by the flow of time, especially for the means and demands of others.

A self-employed person doesn’t have to deal with this outside of meetings they choose to schedule.

This is just some of the bullshit people are oblivious to, have complete control over, yet perpetuate on a daily basis. The first step to reclaiming your life is to take control of your time.

This is the hardest concept for people to wrestle, and there will be more posts on such topic (along with real strategies to implement) coming shortly.