Why NoFap is a Poor Solution to Your Life Problems


ascetic |əˈsetik|
Characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons

The Blue Pill Myth:
“STOP jerking off!
“STOP eating meat!”
“STOP X, Y, Z! Your life will change!”


The Red Pill Reality: You are not rewarded in life for abstaining from action.

NOT eating meat, NOT masturbating, NOT thinking negatively – abdication of action does not provide results.

Many will attempt to argue this, because there are definitely some positives that come out of the above.

While these things appear to have a short term positive outcome, the long term results are less than stellar.

You are only rewarded in life for engaging, testing, refining, and mastering actions.

ACTING in ways that provide value and assistance to others, ACTING in ways that are in line with your goals, ACTING on new information and creating tangible, objective results in your life experience.

Most of these things have an “uncomfortable” short term pay off, but the systems they set up in terms of leverage in the long run = pure gold.

One is the removal of action and replacing it with a vacuum.

The other is increased frequency of action (which WILL provide results), regardless of your current circumstances.

One fools you into thinking you’re progressing (dopamine link).

The other proves progress via measurable, trackable, objective results.


Not jerking off for 90 days isn’t going to make you a millionaire.

Jerking off everyday for 90 days while providing undeniable value to other people can, does, and will.

Masturbation is irrelevant beyond your ability to discipline yourself to take daily action toward your goals.

Replace masturbation with obsessive jellybean counting. Any variable can be swapped out. It’s the behavior of displacing focus, time, and action that’s the issue.

Behaviors that block certain actions, and thus results for you.

Most people will jerk off then do nothing.

Then they’ll complain on Red Pill Reddit that masturbation isn’t compatible with success, and anyone who jerks it “isn’t alpha”.

Then, there are other people who are mature and can manage their emotional state, and understand they can masturbate and still create results in important areas of life.

This is because actions produce results.

They might not be the exact results you wanted, but nothing (except yourself) is stopping you from trying again (more action).

This is why movements like NoFap are hilarious to self-actualized Red Pill folk; it’s focus is on NOT doing something, rather than balancing that action with other actions that offset it and produce real-world, positive, net results.

This is because it’s not masturbation, but the Average Person’s vehement aversion to self-discipline and balance.

As a result, black and white, either or extreme scenarios are born.

It’s exactly like how Average People think cutting a $1.50 cup of coffee a day is going to make them rich down the line, instead of figuring out a way to EARN an extra $50 a day.

The first is an uphill (and unnecessary) battle.

The second is an intelligent use of time and energy. You can have as many coffees as you want when you’re offsetting them by $48.50 every single day.

Just stopping jerking off isn’t going to build your career, get leads, and create income streams for you.

While this seems like common sense, there are plenty of people who are so desperate and blinded by reality, that they cling to the false belief that just changing/cutting back ONE THING – be it jerking off, eating less, or changing their style – is going to solve all of their problems.

Again, this is due to the Average Person’s aversion to practicing daily self-discipline and balance. So, they adopt a thought program (ideology, paradigm, etc) that appears to offer all the answers up front with minimal thinking.

The only thing this proves is that they’re on a low, low level of consciousness, and need to be raised up by direct, blunt, uncomfortable changes in daily behavior in regards to taking action on their problem areas.


Jerking off isn’t a problem area.

The reason why you jerk off instead of build an empire is your problem area.

Cutting out the symptom (jerking off) isn’t going to do jack shit to alleviate the root cause (a limiting belief caused by childhood trauma/experience/adolescence, etc.).

I repeat: simply cutting out jerking off isn’t going to change anything. It might give you a temporary mood boost since your dopamine receptors are back in line – but beyond the actions you feel inspired to take, those “new vibes” are absolutely useless. You could still take action and build a career after jerking it all day…if you know what actions to take.

Most do not, thus they rely on excessive distraction instead.

This is simple logic obscured by a ton of unnecessary bullshit.

Cutting back jerking off and working on other important actions steps will improve things.

HOWEVER – jerking off is irrelevant if you’re already performing other additional action steps that are creating objective, positive net results for you and your life.

Most aren’t. Most have a whole list of psychological barriers to overcome before they can make progress.

Excessive masturbation is just an easy target; low hanging fruit tree to hang blame of a lack of self-discipline upon.

The key is to do the opposite of what Bruce Lee suggests; it’s not in the taking away, but the ADDITION OF NEW ACTIONS DAILY that produces new results.

You can cut out jerking off…just replace it with a productive activity. Don’t leave a vacuum, or you’re just as trapped as before.

Trading one problem for another is common amongst newbies.

This brings us to the ever-popular, constantly-misapplied principle of “Positive Thinking”. Stay tuned for a full-length article all about that catastrophe of popular New Age literature.

Until then…focus on cultivating self-discipline. It will do wonders. If that comes to you via NoFap, so be it.

Just don’t fool yourself into thinking NoFap is a multi-tool panacea machine that will solve all your life’s problems.

Stay woke, my friends.


Fuck Your Fight for $15

Dunkin Donuts CEO is the MAN!
^This guy gets it.

Fuck the “raise the minimum wage” argument, and those who believe virtue signaling replaces logic, reason, and market fundamentals.

As someone who was born lower middle class, worked a day job from ages 15-27 (the majority of which were minimum wage food service/retail positions) I’ve got to get something off my chest and mind here.

I worked at Dunkin Donuts one summer (not too long ago, embarrassingly enough).

I took the job to patch a rough spot from a winter of terrible freelancing. I knew the job only paid $8/hr.

I knew the job was barely going to cover my rent, loans, and insurance. I knew my time there was going to be short.

I was not planning on attempting to build an empire, life, or business around a Dunkin Donuts paycheck.

Cue the Average People.

Average people suck. They think they deserve more than they’re worth, simply for existing.

The concept of value might as well be a foreign language to them.

Simply being alive is reason enough to deserve everything life has to offer.

Everyone is equal. Everyone deserves equality.

Therefore, it’s outrageous that a CEO makes millions, while the workers make less than minimum wage running his businesses, right?!

Actually…NO. Not at all. It’s exactly as it should be.


Your Job Exists DESPITE Your Personal Needs & Demands…Not BECAUSE of Them

What proponents of the “Fight for $15” fail to realize, is that unskilled jobs like coffee serving and X, Y, Z ONLY EXIST BECAUSE PEOPLE DEMAND THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

“You well-off people need to stop bashing the minimum wage workers; without them, who’d pour your coffee, pump your gas, and deliver your pizza?”

The fucking FREE MARKET will, that’s who. You know, exactly like it’s already doing, right NOW.

People begin the classic virtue signaling bullshit, like we should be grateful there are people willing to do boring, thankless jobs that keep society running.

Trust me, there will always be people willing to pick up shit for $8/hr.


We do not have to worry about the minimum wage workers suddenly deciding not to show up.

People who are stuck in minimum wage positions typically make poor decisions to begin with.

Finally rallying and taking back their pride at the expense of their $8/hr day job isn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

People LOVE to act as if they have a choice in the matter, as if they could all stop showing up to pump gas and poor coffee in the morning, and then those bastard 1%ers will be sorry!

Yeah, no.

As always, Average People think with emotion. They’re all talk, no action. You can tell they’re all talk and no action by the very fact that they bitch endlessly about the economy, President Trump, minimum wage, etc – but they keep showing up to their “thankless” positions.

Watch what people DO, not what they SAY.

Desperate people do desperate things.

They also talk a lot of bullshit, arguably more than anyone else.

This is because they’re desperate, and super emotional.

“Fuck Donald Trump that racist fuck!” spew easily from the mouths of the impatient, unskilled, Average Person who believes they are entitled to comfort and recurring revenue with zero effort to improve products and services on the market.

No matter how much the Average Person bitches, moans, and complains – the hard fact remains – the CEO of Dunkin Donuts creates and delivers more value than any of the employees that work for him.

Everyone acts like he depends on the employees. He doesn’t. He’s a CEO. He can close DD and fuck you all at once, and go take his money elsewhere and continue right along.

You’re lucky this dude decided that lazy people wanting shit pastry and coffee is a big enough market to create a fucking job for you around.


Simple Math Reveals Why Average People are Delusional

Here’s a thought: Anyone that thinks that minimum wage should be $15 is free to donate their money to make it happen. A quick search tells me that there were 10,858 Dunkin Donuts in 2013. That means that if the CEO foregoes he entire salary, he could raise each store’s hourly wage by $0.45. The store would then have to divy that up between the employees.

Basic math wins again.

If you work minimum wage, and you genuinely enjoy your job, congratulations you’re winning at life.

If you work minimum wage, despite, bitch, and complain endlessly about it – but do nothing to improve your situation (except insist that bitching about Donald Trump = productive actions steps), you have nobody to blame but yourself.


Have No Sympathy for The Poor, Unlucky, and Masochistic

Nothing is more asinine than protecting weak-minded, weak-willed people from the harshness of reality.

That’s exactly why they’re stuck where they are.

People think you’re an asshole for not feeling bad for the stupid shit poor people perpetuate.

You shouldn’t pity them or have sympathy; you should be aggravated that they don’t step up.

You should be pissed that they use emotional irresponsibility as an excuse for their spot in life.

You should be rip shit that they claim to be “doing all they can”, while obviously not doing “all they can” at all.

Never respect anyone who blames “depression” and “anxiety” for their inability to act.

There are plenty of successful people who deal with the same problems and push through.

I’m one of them.

I made my seven figure career out of nothing, with no (direct) help from anyone but myself, against the odds, so a big fuck you to that group of people. I was homeless, without a car, with no idea where my next wad of cash was coming from.

Still, Average People will insist “I’m lucky”.

Cause and effect of intentional action and perseverance despite things changing very, very slowly COULDN’T have been it, NO!

Their level of consciousness is reflected in their insisting stubbornness to believe the entire world is against them (and anyone else making less than $15/hr), like it’s a grand fucking conspiracy against poor people.

There’s no conspiracy against poor people.

It’s called the fucking free market, and that’s how it works. Low-value people get pushed to the bottom rungs. Most people are inherently low value. Thus, most people are on the losing end of society.

Pay attention to the words and language “poor people” perpetuate and insist reality exists upon.

Then you’ll understand why they feel like they feel, and act like they act. From A to A in an endless circle.

You should have less and less sympathy for people who play victim and do nothing but “talk” about changing their situation.

The free market is like darwinism when it comes to bad ideas and poor effort.

You end up right where you belong in society.

Fuck your fight for $15/hr.