Average People Are Ruled by Emotion

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.
– Tony Robbins


Average people aren’t aware that they’re making choices (and burning time), because all of their decisions are emotion based, and thus, primarily subconscious.

Subconscious reactions, more accurately.

This is why nothing seems to progress in their lives.

They subconsciously react instead of consciously choose.

Both methods involve choice; one is intentional, and the other isn’t.

Average people will argue they have no choice in the matter.

They “just do what they do”, and could care less about the “why” behind it. 

They’ll abdicate full responsibility for change via their behavior.

This is precisely why they’re Average.

This is also precisely why you should strive to be anything but. 

To avoid the cultivation of conscious self-discipline is to indirectly (subconsciously) choose to be Average.

RedPill_smallAverage People Are Slaves to Their Subconscious Impulses (This is Why They’re Average)

*In his best Jeff Foxworthy voice* “If you take offense to the title of this article, you might be an average person”.

What makes someone Average?

Their inability to control their own emotional state, especially without some sort of external incentive, reward, or reason to do so. 

Sit still and don’t complain for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at this boring job, and we’ll reward you with some money!”-The Matrix Control System

This also, more importantly, allows for the Average Person to be completely controlled.

Influenced, persuaded, manipulated, and flat out controlled…

…By other people who are more intelligent, and know how to manipulate the Subconscious Mind for their benefit.

We call these people “Advertisers”, “Marketers”, and “Social Propaganda Narrative Artists” (SPNA for short).

It’s important to point out that the Average Person thinks they “have it all figured out”, there’s “no such thing as conspiracy theories”, and “nobody’s in control of things”.

Everything is for Mr. Mrs. Average’s best interest! Nobody lies, everybody pays their fair share in taxes! Eating your shit sandwich is all part of the American Dream!

Right…because someone who’s biggest focus is who didn’t kneel during the national anthem, is going to have the necessary strength, focus, and intensity to do the mental heavy lifting required to figure out how the world really works.

He’s too busy getting pissed over (and living vicariously through) that guy on the blue team who makes more money than he’ll ever see in his lifetime for playing catch with other men.

He is completely ruled by his emotional centers, and thus is ripe for all sorts of persuasion manipulation via various institutions, authorities, and SPNAs.

RedPill_smallAverage People Abdicate Conscious Choice, Thus Indirectly Choosing Via their Subconscious (Why Your College Degree is Less than Worthless)

Average People always have a choice, but they don’t always see it or understand it.

This is because they operate on a very narrow bandwidth of waking consciousness.

They’re free to break the chains of bondage at anytime, and begin living freely…if they raise their level of conscious awareness of themselves up a peg or two.

This is uncomfortable, of course, and challenges deep-seated Subconscious fears.

It’s highly unlikely that same person would put in effort to start a business, while making $0 indefinitely as they figure out the process.

Making $0 with complete autonomy is infinitely scarier than putting up with office politics and bullshit for $50K/yr (Fun fact: if you make $50K/yr, but you’re forced to work 60+ hrs/wk…you’re making less than $18/hr).

If the person can’t discipline themselves to refuse to tolerate workplace bullshit, they’re certainly not going to discipline themselves when “the bumper lanes” of their adult reality are removed.

Average people are essentially full grown adult babies.

They need to be emotionally coddled and reassured by friends, family, and society at large.

They have entitlement complexes.

They truly believe just because they were foolish enough to take on debt for an education, they deserve to be compensated for this low-value activity.

Yes, a college degree is a low-value activity, especially in 2017 (and forward).

The only way someone would pay out the ass for education indoctrination, rather than take a little bit of time to research why it’s more cost-effective to start a business instead – is if they were conditioned to be that ignorant.

You do not need a business degree to start a business. All you need is an understanding of how people make choices. This, of course, is the very last item on the list for Average People. 

This information is free and available on the internet.

Average People, however, refuse to admit they want the prestige of a college degree in their title, rather than having actual value that provides objective, measurable results in the form of revenue.

There are people going to school for economics…that have degrees in economics…that don’t understand the economics of an abundance of economics majors decreasing the value of anyone and everyone with an economics degree in 2017.

A simple 5 minute Google search could have saved them thousands…and made them thousands at the same time.

Most degrees (like the above) are completely passive.

Unless you’re intelligent and start a business (i.e. not being Average), you’re most likely going to sit on debt while waiting for someone else to hire you.

There’s virtually no difference between someone who blew through their savings in Vegas and needs to recoup, and a fresh college grad with a mountain of debt.

One is pushed by SPNAs, and the other is considered an abhorrent abomination to adult responsibility.

Can you guess which is which?

There are large groups of people, however, that still “feel” like the college route is still the most optimal one.

Want proof?

Ask them how they’d “feel” without their degree

Average people don’t innovate, and they aren’t creative thinkers. 

Entire piles of money can be made with a few hours of internet research, no degree required. 

Average Joe and Jane will argue they didn’t choose their major “for the money”.

They must also forget that 99% of their complaints and issues in life will come down to “never having enough money”.

“Making more money” is a result of delivering value to people directly – not through an intermediary like a salaried paid position.

This requires personal effort and a drive to make lateral advances in one’s life and career…something your average Joe or Jane never dare do.

They’ll probably complain that without a degree, they stand zero chance of securing income from those greedy, elite, 1% bastards!

RedPill_smallThe Solution: Avoid Being Average by Delivering High Value Directly to Other People

As someone who’s been broke, homeless, and destitute several times – I absolutely abhor Average People who make little to no effort, then complain the deck is stacked against them.

I lived out of a car, sold personal training services, saved my money, bought a retail space, started a gym, scaled it up, invested my capital, stepped back, and cashed out a millionaire two months before I turned 30.

I lost two cars, two apartments, and several girlfriends and friends in the process of transforming myself.

I dropped out of college twice, have never held a job for more than three months, and didn’t own a credit card until age 29.

I’ve never had a mentor, older male, or anyone guiding or helping me at all.

All of the information I needed I found on the internet, not at college. Funny how that works?

The hardest part was changing my mind. More accurately, my Subconscious beliefs.

How do you change these Subconscious beliefs?

You test and disprove them by taking action.

The highest leverage action you can take is delivering value directly to people.

Want to make more money in less time? Deliver value directly.

Want to have greater control over your time, energy, and career path? Deliver value directly.

Want to upgrade your lifestyle, break old routines, and create an abundance of resources so you don’t need to tolerate workplace bullshit? Deliver value directly.

Start a business that delivers a high quality product or service directly to people.

You need $0 to get started. You need to learn to do this first, of course. The information required to advance is 100% free thanks to the internet.

It’s not as hard as it seems, although Average People will insist it’s more trouble than it’s worth (convenient programming).

The Average person will assume value is all about money exchange.

This couldn’t be further from the Truth.

Value is whatever the person receiving it decides it is. You helping a friend carry a heavy bag could provide more value to them than being their insurance agent.

Learning how to monetize something like the former is where your True power and freedom lies. 

Average People think easy-but-profitable businesses are a joke, too good to be true, scams, etc.

This same person will then be easily hypnotized by the next social media fad.

This same person will then spend .99 on an app that lets them know when a giraffe on the other side of the world is having her baby.

The guy that came up with that app is exemplifying everything this article is about. Be THAT guy!

No – the real “secret” is to begin shifting your attitude (thoughts, beliefs, and feelings) about “how unfair life is”, and start being oh, I don’t know, a pleasant person to be around.

You’d be surprised how many opportunities rear their heads when you shift your attitude toward things.

Funny, your attitude is either going to be a subconscious passive reflection, or a conscious intentional decision.


Here are three action steps you can take away to get moving in the right direction, right now:

  1. The first step is to consciously decide to be anything but an Average Person.

  2. The second step is to begin consciously employing new behaviors until they become subconscious habits (and replace your old shit ones).

  3. The third step is to continually upgrade your conscious level thinking and repeat these three steps.

To engage in anything less is to remain an Average Person indefinitely.

I’ll leave the comments open for a bit. If I start getting a slew of Average People asking low-quality questions, I’ll close it up. High-quality questions only (pro-tip: if your question can be answered via Google search, don’t bother asking it here; you’ll be ignored).


5 thoughts on “Average People Are Ruled by Emotion

  1. Holy shit this article is awesome.

    More please! Can you maybe describe in more depth what is meant by “high value”?


    1. Hey Tony,

      High-value = anything that moves you toward a specific goal, or helps someone else in a way that creates the natural incentive for them to exchange income for your help.

      Low-value = distraction, low-hanging fruit, “get-rich-quick” BS. Masturbating all day instead of working on your business and career is everyone’s favorite example (especially the NOFAP crowd).


  2. OP sounds like an elitist prick with a stick up his ass. Did someone do you wrong, buddy? You write like you’re pissed at the world. Awful lot of bitching from someone who supposedly has lots of money. Get a life.


    1. ^Perfect example of an Average Person having an emotional reaction to something on a screen.

      This guy could have kept scrolling or x-ed out, but he chose to instead let everyone he doesn’t agree with know that he doesn’t agree with them.

      Leaving this one up as an example for others to see. Don’t be like this guy.


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