Letting Average People Make You Rich

Simply put, stupid shit sells.

Stupid shit sells because:

  1. People are stupid
  2. People demand (yes, demand) stupid shit

Ever notice those ridiculous ads on your sidebar for the “one magic pill that cures obesity”?

How about those Nigerian Prince emails you thought people stopped opening back in 1997?

People click on both of those things thousands of times a day, and that’s why they still exist.

People are absolutely irrational and impulsive.

This is because people – especially average people – make decisions based on emotion rather than logic.

This is the entire recipe behind sales. Sell the emotion, not the product or the logical reasons why you need it (honestly, most products are little more than useless toys and poisons).

Ever hear of the expression “sell the sizzle, not the steak”? Exactly.

This is why fat loss, hair care, make up, etc. will always be an evergreen market.

People will never stop buying that shit because it’s tied to vanity (self-perception), and is thus extremely emotional.

Emotional area = $$$.

There’s a huge, huge fucking downside to all of this though.

That downside has made many a humanitarian entrepreneur more or less “give the fuck up” trying to actually “help” people “logically”.

Don’t bother trying to make a product or service that genuinely helps people.

As fucked up and cold as that sounds, the truly fucked up part is that despite how obviously good-for-humanity your product might be, if it doesn’t validate an insecurity, selling it will be like pulling teeth.

Hell, you’ll find that without the right emotional triggers, you might not even be able to GIVE AWAY your product or service, which very well could be stellar and ahead of the pack.

This is exactly what happened to me, and exactly why I went from personal fitness training as a “career”, and turned it into a professional hobby.

Now people pay money to workout with me. I no longer “train people” personally ( I do for an astronomical hourly fee to purposely deter interest). You want to get in shape, you fucking find me on your own time. I don’t chase people and advertise how I will help them lose weight.

Advertising health and fitness to average people is a losing battle in all possible ways.

Average people don’t give a shit about value. They don’t care. If they did, they wouldn’t be average.

I’ve spent years creating customized programs that scientifically cause people to lose fat and build muscle. They don’t care. It’s not fast enough. It requires too much “effort”.

The irony is the amount of effort it takes the average person to earn $40 isn’t taken into account when they blow that $40 on useless shit that they believe validates their meaningless existence.

Example A:

I both laughed maniacally and wanted to throw up when I started selling generic protein powders out of my gym.

I saw other people “getting away” with selling absolute garbage for a high price, so I jokingly made a small investment and tested it out.

It was basically chocolate sawdust in a plastic jug.

I spent time creating a really nice label for it though, and now people are more interested in the $40 jugs than an hour of personal training.

The fucked up part is people know supplements are mostly bullshit, but they buy them anyway. They also know the real secret is old school exercise and diet in a structured manner. They will not buy it no matter how palatable you make it.

This is America. This is capitalism in 2017. This is the low-impulse control, effort-avoiding reality we all live in now. People are psychologically warped beyond any hope of repair.

It’s because of this – and years and years of attempting to produce empowering, life changing products for good people who are just stuck in a bad spot – that I now say with 100% certainty:

Fuck average people.

They are the majority.

Take their money and use it to fund your personal goals, missions, and fulfillments.

It is not your job to be the morality police.

You’ve been sold a (convenient) lie that in order to be successful and wealthy, you need to concoct some insanely complex, circuitous method of making money while making the world a better place.

That reality doesn’t exist. I really, really wish it did. Probably more so than you do.

The people who sold you this lie are making bank off of you via advertising, blogs, and other monetization methods while you sit online all day and assume “this is all there is to do”. Of course it is. You’re a consumer in that situation.

In that scenario, YOU are the average person being suckered.

Nobody told you that you can start producing, and let other people consume from you.

This is because other producers want less competition.

People are lying to you so they can have more for themselves. How moral!

You need to break out of this mold and realize life at its core is amoral.

This is exactly why emotion is the primary handle for manipulation and behavior control: everyone wants to be perceived as altruistic while “secretly” doing things to get what they want.

You are not a bad person for funneling resources to yourself.

You’re actually an average person for thinking the world works in any other way, and denying you want things because of other people’s opinions on the morality of the topic.

Start using emotion to your advantage to make serious money, and stop using it to paralyze yourself with self-incessant, internalized bullshit.

The longer you rationalize not doing this, the more your life is going to suck precisely because of average people.

I will tell you right now you will not find fulfillment through sales or a career.

You need to funnel money and make it make your lifestyle work the way you want, right now, or you’ll never truly be happy.

For me, it was letting people fund my passions and professional hobbies, making those things an LLC, then legally living off of them. The proof is in the pudding, folks:


I’m considering doing a live talk on this very topic, but my time is my most valuable resource.

If a group of people can get together and collectively provide $100.00 USD for the hour (5 people $20/ea., 4 people $25/ea., 3 people $33.33/ea., etc.), I will speak and answer any questions via GoogleChats at a scheduled time.

Email me at TheRedPillReality@Gmail.com and let’s see if we can make this a regular thing.

Unlike the majority of blogs on the internet, I’m not trying to sell you jack shit; I just value my time first and foremost, and enjoy talking with like-minded people on these topics.

Being compensated isn’t evil. If you like what I have to say and want to hear more perspectives like this, email me and I will make it worth your time.



The Logic of “Poor” People part 1

“The reason people are permanently poor in the Unites States is not because they don’t have money, it’s because they suck with money.” -Ben Shapiro

Before we begin, notice how the word “poor” is in quotations in the title of this article.

That’s because using the term “poor” is severely misleading.

Being “poor” has very little do with circumstance…and has everything to do with behavioral choices.

Behavioral choices that each and every single person is free to make and engage in at any moment.

Most people who are “poor” make certain sets of behavioral choices that preclude them from ever experiencing “rich”.

This is not a gross, ignorant, conservative/right wing generalization; this is the reality for everybody, whether you’re on the left or the right (hopefully you’re neither).

I was there (“poor”), I’ve been there (lost a car, apartment, and girlfriend all at once in 2012), done that, and overcome that (embraced entrepreneurship, run several businesses and forms of assets)..

Today I’m going to explain the subtle difference between being genuinely screwed due to circumstance (this never actually happens, btw), and needing to correct your perceptions a bit on what constitutes “being poor”.

Ready for some Red Pill Reality? Here we go.


“Poor” People = Behavioral Inefficiency

Like Mr. Shapiro said above, people are usually “poor” because of patterns of decision.

These patterns of decision and behavior can’t be altered at any moment, with or without money.

The money is irrelevant.

All of those self-help gurus telling you that you don’t need money to get started with living?

Guess what? They’re 100% correct.

While they’re wrong about a lot, they’re dead on in regards to not needing money to start changing your relationship to money.

The key there is changing your relationship to money.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about money.

That’s where it all begins (and ends) – in your mind (your subconscious mind, more importantly).

Everyone complains about money.

Very few people are skeptical of, question, and/or reexamine their present beliefs about money, however.


There Are Two Groups of People…

The first group will insist everything in life is random chance, and wealth is pure luck due to exploitation.

The second group will realize that everything in life is a choice – no matter how much or how little control over things we ultimately do have (in the universal sense).

The first group will experience nothing but opportunity blindness due to unquestioned social programming and assumptions about money.

The second group usually breaks through that glass ceiling, and realizes they already have all the tools needed to create personal wealth and security.

One of the biggest realizations you’ll experience on your journey to personal wealth, is the difference between being a consumer (what everyone is conditioned to behave as), and being a producer (the people who provide the value for consumers to consume).

“Poor” people are usually locked into the assumption that the consumer group is all that exists.

When you operate from this point of perception/belief/assumption, your behavior is greatly skewed toward scarcity.

You view everything as competition – from getting the job, to getting the interview, to just getting a damn parking spot in the lot.

Everything is a a struggle – primarily a subconscious one.

Consumer/scarcity mentality is founded on two abstract assertions: GETTING and NOT ENOUGH TO GO AROUND.

Sit on those words and ideas for a few and let the hilarity of the cluster-f*ck that is that belief loop sink in.

People in this group are obsessed with GETTING THINGS (more money, food, shelter, electronics, item/service X, Y, Z…) while simultaneously operating under the belief that there’s never enough of what they want to go around.

This creates a behavior feedback loop that has people living off credit, welfare, and other financial subsidies that are completely unnecessary should the person correct their thinking and understanding of what’s going on here.

GETTING combined with NOT ENOUGH TO GO AROUND are two insanely toxic, self-limiting beliefs that infect behavior on more levels than people are consciously aware of.

This is why understanding how your subconscious mind works is so goddamn vital to making it out of the rat race/maze/Matrix Control System.

Before we go over the actionable strategies on working your way out of the belief quagmire that is all of the above, let’s compare and contrast this with the opposing position – that of wealth.

Producer/abundance mentality is founded on two very different abstract assertions: GIVING and PLENTY FOR EVERYBODY.

Notice how right off the bat, these are the polar opposite beliefs/assertions/assumptions as the first group.

Consequently, the behavior that comes as a result will showcase opposing results.

Namely, wealth and abundance instead of poverty and scarcity.

By now you’re probably thinking “How the hell do we actually know it’s just mentality and not a contribution of external factors coalescing into madness and sucking a person down in life, due to unfair BS completely outside of their control?!”

The answer: we know it’s all psychological, because people succumb to the above all the time – and still come out the other side stronger and wealthier than before.

It happens all the damn time.

The media loves to overplay poverty because it keeps people consuming, and thus behaving in ways that benefit the corporations, institutions, and special interest groups that actually run this country (USA speaking).

You can laugh and scream “conspiracy nut” all you want; the reality is that money is power, and there are a lot of people with more money and more power in more control of details of civilian life than you’d care to believe.

This article series isn’t about that, though. This is about how to transition from group one (GETTING/NOT ENOUGH TO GO AROUND) into group two (GIVING/PLENTY FOR EVERYBODY).

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll discuss just that.

Most People Suck with Managing Their Time (and Coincidentally, Their Money)

“If only I had more hours in the day! There’s just not enough time to do anything else but work and pay bills!”

…says the 9-5er, who happily invests all his free time in pointless, life-wasting shit such as professional sports watching, Game of Thrones, and SnapChat.

The Red Pill Reality: most people are absolutely terrible with time management. They spend more time making time to get ready just to be on time – than they do allocating time to activities that would actually counter-act the dead-end algorithm they’ve got going.

Example: it’s now popular to be “frugal” for some reason.

Save $3 a day by skipping that latte, and you’ll be a millionaire!

Sounds good, right?

Everyone can forgo a daily pleasure for future financial security!

Well…no. Not even close.

If you saved $3 a day for 365 days, you’d have $1,095 before taxes. Put that in a bank account and the interest will be minimal for quite some time.

The Red Pill Reality: The trap with the savings example above, is it perpetuates the scarcity mentality. Even worse, it blinds you to opportunity costs. You don’t need to be saving an extra $3 a day…you need to be making an extra $50-$100 a day. THAT will make a difference in your financial future.

Eventually, this is when smart people realize there’s a better way to do things.

This is why smart people start businesses.


An Example of People Sucking at Time Management

Bob has to be at work for 9:00 am.

Bob wakes up at 7:00 am. He checks the news, Facebook, etc.

Bob makes breakfast at 7:30. He eats, then showers by 7:45. Bob leaves the house at 8:15 to beat traffic to the office.

Now, here’s where the self-sabotage comes in:

Bob has to prepare 45 minutes to make it to work on time. Most people do not understand what this actually means. Bob has to spend 45 minutes driving (sunk cost, even if you listen to audio tapes the entire way).

This means Bob has to spend more time – making time – to waste that 45 minutes in the car so he can get to work on time.

In order to leave 45 minutes early, he has to have a shower by X time, and food by Y time. In order to have those two things, he has to wake up at 7:30. Bob’s entire morning isn’t only based on his job, but how early he has to leave to get their on time.

Bob has to make time making time to make time to get to work on time.

I want you to re-read that statement over and over until it clicks.

When it does, you’ll see how most people who are wage slaves are directed by the flow of time, especially for the means and demands of others.

A self-employed person doesn’t have to deal with this outside of meetings they choose to schedule.

This is just some of the bullshit people are oblivious to, have complete control over, yet perpetuate on a daily basis. The first step to reclaiming your life is to take control of your time.

This is the hardest concept for people to wrestle, and there will be more posts on such topic (along with real strategies to implement) coming shortly.

Why NoFap is a Poor Solution to Your Life Problems


ascetic |əˈsetik|
Characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons

The Blue Pill Myth:
“STOP jerking off!
“STOP eating meat!”
“STOP X, Y, Z! Your life will change!”


The Red Pill Reality: You are not rewarded in life for abstaining from action.

NOT eating meat, NOT masturbating, NOT thinking negatively – abdication of action does not provide results.

Many will attempt to argue this, because there are definitely some positives that come out of the above.

While these things appear to have a short term positive outcome, the long term results are less than stellar.

You are only rewarded in life for engaging, testing, refining, and mastering actions.

ACTING in ways that provide value and assistance to others, ACTING in ways that are in line with your goals, ACTING on new information and creating tangible, objective results in your life experience.

Most of these things have an “uncomfortable” short term pay off, but the systems they set up in terms of leverage in the long run = pure gold.

One is the removal of action and replacing it with a vacuum.

The other is increased frequency of action (which WILL provide results), regardless of your current circumstances.

One fools you into thinking you’re progressing (dopamine link).

The other proves progress via measurable, trackable, objective results.


Not jerking off for 90 days isn’t going to make you a millionaire.

Jerking off everyday for 90 days while providing undeniable value to other people can, does, and will.

Masturbation is irrelevant beyond your ability to discipline yourself to take daily action toward your goals.

Replace masturbation with obsessive jellybean counting. Any variable can be swapped out. It’s the behavior of displacing focus, time, and action that’s the issue.

Behaviors that block certain actions, and thus results for you.

Most people will jerk off then do nothing.

Then they’ll complain on Red Pill Reddit that masturbation isn’t compatible with success, and anyone who jerks it “isn’t alpha”.

Then, there are other people who are mature and can manage their emotional state, and understand they can masturbate and still create results in important areas of life.

This is because actions produce results.

They might not be the exact results you wanted, but nothing (except yourself) is stopping you from trying again (more action).

This is why movements like NoFap are hilarious to self-actualized Red Pill folk; it’s focus is on NOT doing something, rather than balancing that action with other actions that offset it and produce real-world, positive, net results.

This is because it’s not masturbation, but the Average Person’s vehement aversion to self-discipline and balance.

As a result, black and white, either or extreme scenarios are born.

It’s exactly like how Average People think cutting a $1.50 cup of coffee a day is going to make them rich down the line, instead of figuring out a way to EARN an extra $50 a day.

The first is an uphill (and unnecessary) battle.

The second is an intelligent use of time and energy. You can have as many coffees as you want when you’re offsetting them by $48.50 every single day.

Just stopping jerking off isn’t going to build your career, get leads, and create income streams for you.

While this seems like common sense, there are plenty of people who are so desperate and blinded by reality, that they cling to the false belief that just changing/cutting back ONE THING – be it jerking off, eating less, or changing their style – is going to solve all of their problems.

Again, this is due to the Average Person’s aversion to practicing daily self-discipline and balance. So, they adopt a thought program (ideology, paradigm, etc) that appears to offer all the answers up front with minimal thinking.

The only thing this proves is that they’re on a low, low level of consciousness, and need to be raised up by direct, blunt, uncomfortable changes in daily behavior in regards to taking action on their problem areas.


Jerking off isn’t a problem area.

The reason why you jerk off instead of build an empire is your problem area.

Cutting out the symptom (jerking off) isn’t going to do jack shit to alleviate the root cause (a limiting belief caused by childhood trauma/experience/adolescence, etc.).

I repeat: simply cutting out jerking off isn’t going to change anything. It might give you a temporary mood boost since your dopamine receptors are back in line – but beyond the actions you feel inspired to take, those “new vibes” are absolutely useless. You could still take action and build a career after jerking it all day…if you know what actions to take.

Most do not, thus they rely on excessive distraction instead.

This is simple logic obscured by a ton of unnecessary bullshit.

Cutting back jerking off and working on other important actions steps will improve things.

HOWEVER – jerking off is irrelevant if you’re already performing other additional action steps that are creating objective, positive net results for you and your life.

Most aren’t. Most have a whole list of psychological barriers to overcome before they can make progress.

Excessive masturbation is just an easy target; low hanging fruit tree to hang blame of a lack of self-discipline upon.

The key is to do the opposite of what Bruce Lee suggests; it’s not in the taking away, but the ADDITION OF NEW ACTIONS DAILY that produces new results.

You can cut out jerking off…just replace it with a productive activity. Don’t leave a vacuum, or you’re just as trapped as before.

Trading one problem for another is common amongst newbies.

This brings us to the ever-popular, constantly-misapplied principle of “Positive Thinking”. Stay tuned for a full-length article all about that catastrophe of popular New Age literature.

Until then…focus on cultivating self-discipline. It will do wonders. If that comes to you via NoFap, so be it.

Just don’t fool yourself into thinking NoFap is a multi-tool panacea machine that will solve all your life’s problems.

Stay woke, my friends.

Fuck Your Fight for $15

Dunkin Donuts CEO is the MAN!
^This guy gets it.

Fuck the “raise the minimum wage” argument, and those who believe virtue signaling replaces logic, reason, and market fundamentals.

As someone who was born lower middle class, worked a day job from ages 15-27 (the majority of which were minimum wage food service/retail positions) I’ve got to get something off my chest and mind here.

I worked at Dunkin Donuts one summer (not too long ago, embarrassingly enough).

I took the job to patch a rough spot from a winter of terrible freelancing. I knew the job only paid $8/hr.

I knew the job was barely going to cover my rent, loans, and insurance. I knew my time there was going to be short.

I was not planning on attempting to build an empire, life, or business around a Dunkin Donuts paycheck.

Cue the Average People.

Average people suck. They think they deserve more than they’re worth, simply for existing.

The concept of value might as well be a foreign language to them.

Simply being alive is reason enough to deserve everything life has to offer.

Everyone is equal. Everyone deserves equality.

Therefore, it’s outrageous that a CEO makes millions, while the workers make less than minimum wage running his businesses, right?!

Actually…NO. Not at all. It’s exactly as it should be.


Your Job Exists DESPITE Your Personal Needs & Demands…Not BECAUSE of Them

What proponents of the “Fight for $15” fail to realize, is that unskilled jobs like coffee serving and X, Y, Z ONLY EXIST BECAUSE PEOPLE DEMAND THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

“You well-off people need to stop bashing the minimum wage workers; without them, who’d pour your coffee, pump your gas, and deliver your pizza?”

The fucking FREE MARKET will, that’s who. You know, exactly like it’s already doing, right NOW.

People begin the classic virtue signaling bullshit, like we should be grateful there are people willing to do boring, thankless jobs that keep society running.

Trust me, there will always be people willing to pick up shit for $8/hr.


We do not have to worry about the minimum wage workers suddenly deciding not to show up.

People who are stuck in minimum wage positions typically make poor decisions to begin with.

Finally rallying and taking back their pride at the expense of their $8/hr day job isn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

People LOVE to act as if they have a choice in the matter, as if they could all stop showing up to pump gas and poor coffee in the morning, and then those bastard 1%ers will be sorry!

Yeah, no.

As always, Average People think with emotion. They’re all talk, no action. You can tell they’re all talk and no action by the very fact that they bitch endlessly about the economy, President Trump, minimum wage, etc – but they keep showing up to their “thankless” positions.

Watch what people DO, not what they SAY.

Desperate people do desperate things.

They also talk a lot of bullshit, arguably more than anyone else.

This is because they’re desperate, and super emotional.

“Fuck Donald Trump that racist fuck!” spew easily from the mouths of the impatient, unskilled, Average Person who believes they are entitled to comfort and recurring revenue with zero effort to improve products and services on the market.

No matter how much the Average Person bitches, moans, and complains – the hard fact remains – the CEO of Dunkin Donuts creates and delivers more value than any of the employees that work for him.

Everyone acts like he depends on the employees. He doesn’t. He’s a CEO. He can close DD and fuck you all at once, and go take his money elsewhere and continue right along.

You’re lucky this dude decided that lazy people wanting shit pastry and coffee is a big enough market to create a fucking job for you around.


Simple Math Reveals Why Average People are Delusional

Here’s a thought: Anyone that thinks that minimum wage should be $15 is free to donate their money to make it happen. A quick search tells me that there were 10,858 Dunkin Donuts in 2013. That means that if the CEO foregoes he entire salary, he could raise each store’s hourly wage by $0.45. The store would then have to divy that up between the employees.

Basic math wins again.

If you work minimum wage, and you genuinely enjoy your job, congratulations you’re winning at life.

If you work minimum wage, despite, bitch, and complain endlessly about it – but do nothing to improve your situation (except insist that bitching about Donald Trump = productive actions steps), you have nobody to blame but yourself.


Have No Sympathy for The Poor, Unlucky, and Masochistic

Nothing is more asinine than protecting weak-minded, weak-willed people from the harshness of reality.

That’s exactly why they’re stuck where they are.

People think you’re an asshole for not feeling bad for the stupid shit poor people perpetuate.

You shouldn’t pity them or have sympathy; you should be aggravated that they don’t step up.

You should be pissed that they use emotional irresponsibility as an excuse for their spot in life.

You should be rip shit that they claim to be “doing all they can”, while obviously not doing “all they can” at all.

Never respect anyone who blames “depression” and “anxiety” for their inability to act.

There are plenty of successful people who deal with the same problems and push through.

I’m one of them.

I made my seven figure career out of nothing, with no (direct) help from anyone but myself, against the odds, so a big fuck you to that group of people. I was homeless, without a car, with no idea where my next wad of cash was coming from.

Still, Average People will insist “I’m lucky”.

Cause and effect of intentional action and perseverance despite things changing very, very slowly COULDN’T have been it, NO!

Their level of consciousness is reflected in their insisting stubbornness to believe the entire world is against them (and anyone else making less than $15/hr), like it’s a grand fucking conspiracy against poor people.

There’s no conspiracy against poor people.

It’s called the fucking free market, and that’s how it works. Low-value people get pushed to the bottom rungs. Most people are inherently low value. Thus, most people are on the losing end of society.

Pay attention to the words and language “poor people” perpetuate and insist reality exists upon.

Then you’ll understand why they feel like they feel, and act like they act. From A to A in an endless circle.

You should have less and less sympathy for people who play victim and do nothing but “talk” about changing their situation.

The free market is like darwinism when it comes to bad ideas and poor effort.

You end up right where you belong in society.

Fuck your fight for $15/hr.

Average People Are Ruled by Emotion

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.
– Tony Robbins


Average people aren’t aware that they’re making choices (and burning time), because all of their decisions are emotion based, and thus, primarily subconscious.

Subconscious reactions, more accurately.

This is why nothing seems to progress in their lives.

They subconsciously react instead of consciously choose.

Both methods involve choice; one is intentional, and the other isn’t.

Average people will argue they have no choice in the matter.

They “just do what they do”, and could care less about the “why” behind it. 

They’ll abdicate full responsibility for change via their behavior.

This is precisely why they’re Average.

This is also precisely why you should strive to be anything but. 

To avoid the cultivation of conscious self-discipline is to indirectly (subconsciously) choose to be Average.

RedPill_smallAverage People Are Slaves to Their Subconscious Impulses (This is Why They’re Average)

*In his best Jeff Foxworthy voice* “If you take offense to the title of this article, you might be an average person”.

What makes someone Average?

Their inability to control their own emotional state, especially without some sort of external incentive, reward, or reason to do so. 

Sit still and don’t complain for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at this boring job, and we’ll reward you with some money!”-The Matrix Control System

This also, more importantly, allows for the Average Person to be completely controlled.

Influenced, persuaded, manipulated, and flat out controlled…

…By other people who are more intelligent, and know how to manipulate the Subconscious Mind for their benefit.

We call these people “Advertisers”, “Marketers”, and “Social Propaganda Narrative Artists” (SPNA for short).

It’s important to point out that the Average Person thinks they “have it all figured out”, there’s “no such thing as conspiracy theories”, and “nobody’s in control of things”.

Everything is for Mr. Mrs. Average’s best interest! Nobody lies, everybody pays their fair share in taxes! Eating your shit sandwich is all part of the American Dream!

Right…because someone who’s biggest focus is who didn’t kneel during the national anthem, is going to have the necessary strength, focus, and intensity to do the mental heavy lifting required to figure out how the world really works.

He’s too busy getting pissed over (and living vicariously through) that guy on the blue team who makes more money than he’ll ever see in his lifetime for playing catch with other men.

He is completely ruled by his emotional centers, and thus is ripe for all sorts of persuasion manipulation via various institutions, authorities, and SPNAs.

RedPill_smallAverage People Abdicate Conscious Choice, Thus Indirectly Choosing Via their Subconscious (Why Your College Degree is Less than Worthless)

Average People always have a choice, but they don’t always see it or understand it.

This is because they operate on a very narrow bandwidth of waking consciousness.

They’re free to break the chains of bondage at anytime, and begin living freely…if they raise their level of conscious awareness of themselves up a peg or two.

This is uncomfortable, of course, and challenges deep-seated Subconscious fears.

It’s highly unlikely that same person would put in effort to start a business, while making $0 indefinitely as they figure out the process.

Making $0 with complete autonomy is infinitely scarier than putting up with office politics and bullshit for $50K/yr (Fun fact: if you make $50K/yr, but you’re forced to work 60+ hrs/wk…you’re making less than $18/hr).

If the person can’t discipline themselves to refuse to tolerate workplace bullshit, they’re certainly not going to discipline themselves when “the bumper lanes” of their adult reality are removed.

Average people are essentially full grown adult babies.

They need to be emotionally coddled and reassured by friends, family, and society at large.

They have entitlement complexes.

They truly believe just because they were foolish enough to take on debt for an education, they deserve to be compensated for this low-value activity.

Yes, a college degree is a low-value activity, especially in 2017 (and forward).

The only way someone would pay out the ass for education indoctrination, rather than take a little bit of time to research why it’s more cost-effective to start a business instead – is if they were conditioned to be that ignorant.

You do not need a business degree to start a business. All you need is an understanding of how people make choices. This, of course, is the very last item on the list for Average People. 

This information is free and available on the internet.

Average People, however, refuse to admit they want the prestige of a college degree in their title, rather than having actual value that provides objective, measurable results in the form of revenue.

There are people going to school for economics…that have degrees in economics…that don’t understand the economics of an abundance of economics majors decreasing the value of anyone and everyone with an economics degree in 2017.

A simple 5 minute Google search could have saved them thousands…and made them thousands at the same time.

Most degrees (like the above) are completely passive.

Unless you’re intelligent and start a business (i.e. not being Average), you’re most likely going to sit on debt while waiting for someone else to hire you.

There’s virtually no difference between someone who blew through their savings in Vegas and needs to recoup, and a fresh college grad with a mountain of debt.

One is pushed by SPNAs, and the other is considered an abhorrent abomination to adult responsibility.

Can you guess which is which?

There are large groups of people, however, that still “feel” like the college route is still the most optimal one.

Want proof?

Ask them how they’d “feel” without their degree

Average people don’t innovate, and they aren’t creative thinkers. 

Entire piles of money can be made with a few hours of internet research, no degree required. 

Average Joe and Jane will argue they didn’t choose their major “for the money”.

They must also forget that 99% of their complaints and issues in life will come down to “never having enough money”.

“Making more money” is a result of delivering value to people directly – not through an intermediary like a salaried paid position.

This requires personal effort and a drive to make lateral advances in one’s life and career…something your average Joe or Jane never dare do.

They’ll probably complain that without a degree, they stand zero chance of securing income from those greedy, elite, 1% bastards!

RedPill_smallThe Solution: Avoid Being Average by Delivering High Value Directly to Other People

As someone who’s been broke, homeless, and destitute several times – I absolutely abhor Average People who make little to no effort, then complain the deck is stacked against them.

I lived out of a car, sold personal training services, saved my money, bought a retail space, started a gym, scaled it up, invested my capital, stepped back, and cashed out a millionaire two months before I turned 30.

I lost two cars, two apartments, and several girlfriends and friends in the process of transforming myself.

I dropped out of college twice, have never held a job for more than three months, and didn’t own a credit card until age 29.

I’ve never had a mentor, older male, or anyone guiding or helping me at all.

All of the information I needed I found on the internet, not at college. Funny how that works?

The hardest part was changing my mind. More accurately, my Subconscious beliefs.

How do you change these Subconscious beliefs?

You test and disprove them by taking action.

The highest leverage action you can take is delivering value directly to people.

Want to make more money in less time? Deliver value directly.

Want to have greater control over your time, energy, and career path? Deliver value directly.

Want to upgrade your lifestyle, break old routines, and create an abundance of resources so you don’t need to tolerate workplace bullshit? Deliver value directly.

Start a business that delivers a high quality product or service directly to people.

You need $0 to get started. You need to learn to do this first, of course. The information required to advance is 100% free thanks to the internet.

It’s not as hard as it seems, although Average People will insist it’s more trouble than it’s worth (convenient programming).

The Average person will assume value is all about money exchange.

This couldn’t be further from the Truth.

Value is whatever the person receiving it decides it is. You helping a friend carry a heavy bag could provide more value to them than being their insurance agent.

Learning how to monetize something like the former is where your True power and freedom lies. 

Average People think easy-but-profitable businesses are a joke, too good to be true, scams, etc.

This same person will then be easily hypnotized by the next social media fad.

This same person will then spend .99 on an app that lets them know when a giraffe on the other side of the world is having her baby.

The guy that came up with that app is exemplifying everything this article is about. Be THAT guy!

No – the real “secret” is to begin shifting your attitude (thoughts, beliefs, and feelings) about “how unfair life is”, and start being oh, I don’t know, a pleasant person to be around.

You’d be surprised how many opportunities rear their heads when you shift your attitude toward things.

Funny, your attitude is either going to be a subconscious passive reflection, or a conscious intentional decision.


Here are three action steps you can take away to get moving in the right direction, right now:

  1. The first step is to consciously decide to be anything but an Average Person.

  2. The second step is to begin consciously employing new behaviors until they become subconscious habits (and replace your old shit ones).

  3. The third step is to continually upgrade your conscious level thinking and repeat these three steps.

To engage in anything less is to remain an Average Person indefinitely.

I’ll leave the comments open for a bit. If I start getting a slew of Average People asking low-quality questions, I’ll close it up. High-quality questions only (pro-tip: if your question can be answered via Google search, don’t bother asking it here; you’ll be ignored).